Friday, November 7, 2008

City Tour during study week...

1s cold ther i omos freeze =.=
beef noodle owes my favourite =)

this drink first love....=)

i hate this place....=(

this should be happen on yesterday and it is the most crapy busy day that i ever have si poslaju wan me go there declare item and mus at 2-4....u think i as free as you meh..i still have exem de ho!!....morning 9am...usually this time i stil slping =)...but becoz nid send my housemate ah ming go to see dentist so i have to wake up there is so cold...and full of thos disinfectant smell...long time din smell it liao...=)..after the dentist trip, becoz stil have time we went to 2020 makan, i found out tat there de food is not bad, b4 i thought that there oni ave dim sum and nothing else...wah, sibeh long time din eat beef noodle liao ah...finally can have it in miri, but still lose to kk de beef noodle...kk beef noodle i miss you~~~~, after we still have alot of time b4 reach 2pm...the cabut gigi tat ppl wan go have hair cut...wth...your hair is so short liao ah.. stil wan cut oh!!! wan bodak mehhhh =)...30 minit is over, but we stil have 2 house lik tat to goes....we decide to goto imperial since the poslaju office is near there, we have went to the 2 BIGEST shopping complex in today...almost turn around the miri shopping center except bintang...=), we found out 1 shop de drink's name is so we sit there and DRINK again....i duno wat can i do beside of eat eat eat.....OH my!!! ah ming order me a drink call first love...he say...since your first love is still a unknown so you can replace your first love by this lao ming...=(....finally 2am oledi!!! i rush to poslaju ofice and lalaseng declare my item from the ask me come and jus take a look of my barang?? u know u waste my whole day kah...if i fail i sure blame u de ho =)....and trip is end...time to balik rumah lu =)

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